Bringing IT Professionalism to Canadian Students

We are excited about the TEC we can bring to Victoria. We believe TEC is beginning to become a “think tank” for Canadian Professionalism in IT, and how it connects to Disciplined Agile ways of working. Working with ACM, CIPS Canada, PMI & Disciplined Agile, we are promoting “free” or “low cost” options for Students new to the workforce and Adults wanting to update and improve their way of working.

Colleges & Universities

Introducing our first launch of the PMI / Disciplined Agile Fundamentals Course offered in Canada. Working with Camosun, Tactec is delivering this certified course with Brent Reed, a Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor. This initiative is supported by Mark Lines, VP PMI & the Disciplined Agile Co-Founder. Please register on the link below, so we can offer more courses and support our students in learning and adopting marketable and useful agile practices. Registration for Agile Fundamentals

Brent has engaged with both Mark Lines and Scott Ambler on how we can improve our education for students in Colleges, Universities and in schools. They are both supportive and passionate in making DA accessible to all. For example, it is often observed that children naturally work in agile ways; so why not extend this natural way of working and harness their creativity, passion and fresh outlook through guidance in our educational facilities?

Tactec is working hard to continue to develop this and other programs for all students young and, less young.

Please contact us if your interested in supporting this and our guilds.

Agile Courses from Tactec offered at Camosun Coastal Center

Please see our events page for the Guilds and DevOps Meetups in your area which we provide for free at our office.

Tactec Training, on-site and remote

We have been hosting training at our facilities in our office at 1824 Store Street Victoria in the Victopia Co-Working space.

Tactec Training Room
Lunch is provided with the Kitchen and eating area