We are really excited about the Tactec Education Centre which is beginning to become a “think tank” for Canadian Professionalism in IT, and how it connects to Disciplined Agile ways of working.

In planning stages for the moment:

  • Disciplined Agile for the public at our training facility located at one of our Training Centers in Victoria, (Vancouver coming soon) or at your business on-site, (available today).
  • Continuing Education courses for advance agile, IT & DevOps at our participating educational partners, (in the works).
  • Our hands-on lab work with technologies and tools used in agile projects and DevOps practice, (coming soon).
  • Promotion of Canadian IT Professionalism in IT using our network and Disciplined Agilests, (we are working on this too)
  • Helping Education Institutions to become more lean and agile with training for faculty staff and students across Canada.