Tactec Strategic Solutions is growing and we need your help!

Are you a student at a local College or University?
We are looking for the final year or recent graduates in business, software and IT programs who want to gain hands-on knowledge working with our clients and our Senior Staff on Agile Adoption and DevOps projects.

Participate and help us grow our community events and gain additional certifications. Coop Students have the opportunity to work with us as employees after at least six months of their participation (internship & research development projects) in our WIL (Work Integrated Learning) Program.

Senior Level: Solution Architects, Developers and Operations
Practical experience and knowledge with:
– Security (DevSecOps)
– Continuous integration, delivery and deployment experience
– Dynamics 365, Customer experience & Finance & Operations
– Salesforce administration, development and operations
– PaaS and SaaS configuration and deployment
– SQL Server, Azure Storage and Azure SQL developers
– Azure DevOps, JIRA, Trello and Atlassian products
– .Net & .Net Core
– OpenSource products knowledge, support & user experience

Intermediate-Senior Level: Business Analysts and Architects
Practical experience and knowledge with:
– Medium & large scale digital transformation projects
– Business modelling and notation
– Process analysis and design
– Agile ways of working, adoption and transformation

Product Owners & Team Leads – SCRUM Masters
Practical experience and knowledge with:
– Delivery of medium & large scale digital transformation projects
– PMI certified Project Managers
– Agile and Lean Project Delivery Experience
– Public and Private Sector Experience

What we offer

  1. Work with the latest technology including research projects in Artifical Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Architecture Modelling, BlockChain, software automation using Agile & DevOps processes.
  2. Great place for Co-op students to get practical hands-on knowledge in agile business, IT architecture, design, UX, development and operations.
  3. Competitive packages for Independent Contractors and Employees depending on experience and skill set.
  4. Provided in-class & online training and certification in Azure, Lean Six-Sigma, DA, PMI & SAFe – building your brand and experience
  5. Wide range of Agile Adoption, DevOps in-house projects using the latest tools on Azure, Salesforce and Dynamics.
  6. Modelling with in-house tools, Sparx EA and Orbus Enterprise software
  7. Personal Development plan with bonus scheme attached
  8. Become a Certified Instructor
  9. Growth & Leadership opportunities within Tactec
  10. In the near future, health and wellness plans

contact us hello@tactec.ca